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Sami P.
Las Vegas, NV

This website (ACE) is absolutely a cheaper alternative and approved by the credentialing entities…I highly recommend and honestly the CEU topics and material were great refreshers…as someone who went from being a clinical CMA to admin… it’s nice to get my clinical skills back up as my floor time was rare… and I’ve done this since 2006 taking the exam would have been quite overwhelming for me as the field constantly changes albeit the material MAs need to know may not change much, I like the CEUs for their content…

Suzy H.
West Palm Beach, FL

I highly recommend this affordable and user-friendly CME site for continual medical education requirements. It definitely helped me and was convenient.

Lisa B.
Brooksville, FL

This site is where MA’s need to be! I have been a NRCMA for several years and a MA Instructor. Medical Assistants work so hard to get through the MA program and then study very hard for the dreaded certification test. The last thing a MA wants to do is lose their certification because they did not know where to turn to or what site to trust for the required CEU’s to maintain their certification. This is the perfect place my fellow MA’s! Even if you are working the front office part of MA today, some day you may decide it is time for a change and want to branch out to back clinical, change medical practice types or even obtain a GXMO. Everything you need to re fresh your education and score some required CEU’s at the same time is right here on this site. Sooo worth the money we all work so hard for!

Anna Elizabeth G.
Denver, CO

Brian Dickens is insightful educator that offers technical and well thought out methods to patient care in ACE courses
He has taken all the years of hands on practical knowledge and transformed into tools that are logical and precise.

Lawrence L.
Jacksonville, FL

For one dollar (per CEU) how can you go wrong if you go to other sites like the AMT you are going to pay $7.50 per CEU (if you are a RMA) otherwise the cost is $15.00. This such a financial blessing in my opinion.

Melanie D.
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Awesome site for CEUs!!
Fast,easy, very affordable 👌🏽👏🏾👍🏾

Anna C.
West Palm Beach, FL

I have been looking for a good Page that would give me legit information on becoming a CMA. Brian Dickens (ACE’s Chief Medical Editor) has been such a huge help for which I am forever grateful. I have been, and am continuing to learn quite a lot here. This is also helping to prepare me for my upcoming classes. It’s totally worth it to join because you are getting great viable teachings to assist you in your journey. It doesn’t get much better than this. 👌🏽🙌🏽 Thank you Thank you!!!

Dawn C.
Middleboro, MA

As an Allied Health Program Manager at a Community College and former MA instructor, I highly recommend ACE. It can be hard to find high quality CEUs overall, not to mention finding one’s that are inexpensive! These fit BOTH categories. I recommend this site to all of my MA students and encourage my instructors to do the same. Do yourself a favor…subscribe!! You’ll be glad you did.

Alicia N.
Port Saint Lucie, FL

I am happy to say that I am so glad that a program like this has come along for medical assistants to receive their CEUs without having to pay in between $20-$1000 for CEUs. I have finished them all from my phone within a matter of 2 weeks’ time. These readings and a brief quiz are very simple to do. I wish there were more! But I am thankful that I have earned over half of my CEUS before I submit them all before the end of next month for recertification. I highly recommend this program! it’s just a quick $30 and you have access to over 30 CEUs!!

Brian D.
Port Saint Lucie, FL

I recommend this site/company to my students all the time. The most user friendly and affordable way to obtain CEUs (and accepted by all accrediting agencies).

Eva W.
Boston, MA

This website is so easy and convenient, what a great way to obtain all of your required CEUs. And it is a great reference for current student to review content like myself.

Tamanna S.
West Palm Beach, FL

I’m so glad that we have something like this. We can just go on the website and do our CEU’s without any complications.

Sophia B.
West Palm Beach, FL

This platform is a super easy and a helpful way to keep up with your CEU requirements.

Donna H.
Fort Pierce, FL

As a medical professional myself, we all know we are expected to have CEUs, Annals of Continuing Education also known as ACE meets all the requirements for MAs, it’s easy to use and affordable. CEUs are required and a way for professionals to keep up to date on the ever changing medical profession. I would highly recommend this site to any Medical Assistant who is in need of CEUs. Thank you Mr. Dickens (Chief Medical Editor) for helping students get their required CEUs through an easy and affordable price.

Abigail W.
Palm City, FL

I am a Lead MA in Florida and I consider that ACE is an excellent CEU tool because it allows me to develop the mandatory and other courses necessary for the agency where I work and even other useful courses for the exercise of my profession in my own time.The quality of the courses is equally excellent and the exams really test the knowledge acquired. I invite my colleagues to use this tool to update our knowledge. Thanks to ACE for its excellence.

Anna A.
Wabasha, MN

I verified with the AAMA to be sure they are valid CEUs and they are. I just joined and have been thoroughly impressed with the courses ACE offers. So glad I found this.

Sami P.
Las Vegas, NV

Excellent website, also excellent support and creators… one of the best pricing options I have seen as a well- seasoned MA for CEUs, great material and ease of use. Definitely recommend to everyone!! Thank you!

Mattie K.
Spartanburg, SC

I just became a member of ACE and I’m loving it! The courses are informative and easy to study. After taking the course and passing the exam, you can print your certificate. I inquired and was told that CEUs are uploaded to AAMA on the first of every month. Definitely the best way to get CEUs for recertification!!

Koch T.
Davis, OK

This is such a great resource! Medical assistant focused, great course work, cheap price. I will be recommending to my students.

Shanda M.
Friendship, AR

This is the best way to get CEU!!! I’m a CMA through AAMA!!!

Breanna K.
Owatonna, MN

Thank you Annals of Continuing Education – ACE for being cheap and having a website easy to use. I just recertified this month and got my confirmation today that I’m approved for another 5 years. I didn’t use the website for all my CEU’s but a good chunk of them I did. Will definitely use for my next 5 years!

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