Medical Assistant CEU Options And Requirements

Medical assistants have to maintain their credentials even after graduating by taking continuing education courses. There are many ways these recertification requirements can be met either through employment in the respective field or participation in a related organization.

Registers Medical Assistants (RMA) have their certification valid for only three years. Within that time, professionals must complete 30 continuing education credits. The American Medical Technologists and the American Association of Medical Assistants conduct audits on professionals to view the documentation on continuing education requirements.

Professional Education

Professional education such as online classes, conferences, seminars, home study, etc., may meet the CEU credit requirements provided the RMA has proof of attendance. One can fill out the provided modules and get 8-25 CEU credits for medical assistants once the module is completed.

Formal Education

Formal education involves taking classes at an AAMA approved institution for clinical courses. These also meet the requirements in classes like microbiology, anatomy, and biology, which can be completed to reach CEU credits. Each credit hour completed at the institution counts as five CEU credits.

Continued Employment

Continued employment as a medical assistant may earn you ten points every year. The RMA must provide proof from the employer. Participation in the organization will earn medical assistants up to seven points each year. These, too, must be verified by the organization.

Continuing Education for AAMA

Medical assistants under AAMA must meet 60 continuing education points within 60 months. They include ten for administration, ten for clinical, and ten for general. The other 30 points will be accounted for by combining any categories provided. The medical assistant must present transcripts for the completed continuing education points.

Local Workshops

Local AAMA chapters sometimes hold workshops to meet the continuing education points. There are also non-AAMA programs that offer continuity education points, but the individual has to decide the topic’s relevance while presenting documentation.

Non-Approved AAMA

Seminars, local workshops, classes, and special events may also issue continuing education points. One college credit hour may reflect 15 CEU credits for medical assistants. These events may earn medical assistants up to 30 points, but it is upon the individual to ascertain that the program they are attending is relevant and is approved for CE credits.

Every medical assistant must complete the particular continuing education requirements to maintain their certification. If you are a CMA or RMA, you will be required to present your credentials to show that you meet your certifying organization requirements. Creating a plan to complete the courses within the given time ensures that you maintain your certification. Contact us for any guidance on the courses you can register for to earn continuing education points.

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